Renew Coffee and Shoes

A new local initiative to help Ugandan women become financially independant.

Renew Coffee and Shoes

Renew Coffee and Shoes collects second hand shoes from the community and ships them to Uganda for local women to sell, and earn a living. They also sell specialty coffee from Uganda and surrounding countries to cover the costs of exporting the shoes.

“Coffee that renews your soles!”

Renew Coffee and shoes is an initiative by Melinda Ewin and her family in conjunction with Nkabi, a Ugandan social worker who some years ago, was their World Vision Sponsor child. Facebook brought them together again after many years of being out of contact. Melinda learned that Nkabi was selling items at the local market to earn her living. For many women in Uganda the second hand shoes and clothing industry supports whole families with an income. Melinda suggested that rather than buying them from a wholesaler, that she may be able to send shoes over for Nkabi to sell.

Renew Coffee and Shoes sources donations of good quality second hand shoes and aims to send 35kg of shoes every month for women to sell which in turn increases their financial independence.

Selling specialty coffee and chocolate coated coffee beans provides Renew Coffee and Shoes with a limited income to pay for shipping costs to Uganda. They source the coffee from Uganda and surrounding countries to, in their own small way, contribute to the Ugandan economy.

Click on the images and text below for more information and links to the Renew Coffee and Shoes website.

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