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Brisbane’s Favourite Neighbourhoods Series – Annerley

Aug 13th, 2020

Today, Annerley is a wonderful community ideal for families, couples and......

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Is Annerley a Good Place to Live?

Annerley residents enjoy the comfort and convenience of suburban life within proximity to the city. Don’t take our word for it. If these glowing reviews are anything to go by, then Annerley is a great place to call home.

Here’s what Annerley residents have to say about their home:

Annerley scores
highly on various

How Safe Is Annerley?

Safety is a key concern for both individuals and families when considering a neighbourhood.

You can rest assured that Annerley residents live in a safe community. According to Queensland Police statistics, the already low crime figures keep reducing.

In particular, offences of all kinds are in decline this year as shown here:

How Far From the CBD Is Annerley?

Living in Annerley is convenient as far as access to the Brisbane CBD goes. The neighbourhood is only four kilometres away from the heart of the city. Road and rail public transport options are available in the area.

Several bus routes use Annerley Road and buses move around the area frequently.

Alternatively, you can get to the city from the Fairfield train station. The station is situated about 600 meters away from Annerley.

Is Annerley a Good Investment Suburb?

This is a pressing question if you’re looking to acquire property for investment purposes or want to know how much value your home can accrue.

House prices in Annerley are slightly higher than in the City of Brisbane. This could be an indication of high demand for homes in the area. On June 1, 2022, the median price of a house in Annerley was $1,150,000. The median unit price in the suburb of Annerley as of June 1, 2022, stood at $476,000.

The three-year growth rates in Annerley are 42% for houses and 14.1% for units. To make an informed decision on property investment in Annerley, get expert insight from a Matthews Real Estate agent.

What Is Capital Growth Like in Annerley?

Capital growth (also capital appreciation) refers to the increase in an asset or investment’s value over time. The difference between the current value of the investment or asset and its original price equals its capital growth.

Over the past 2 years, houses in Annerley recorded a capital growth rate of 51.41%. 

What Are the Best Restaurants
and Cafes near Annerley?

Like other parts of Brisbane’s southside, Annerley is quite the attraction when it comes to culinary offerings. From contemporary to retro, here are some spots where you can eat your way through the best Annerley has to offer:

*These dining spots are highly rated on platforms such as Google Maps, Australian Good Food Guide and Zomato.

What Are the Best Places for Kids
Activities in Annerley?

Annerley and its surroundings offer a range of attractions and activities for children. Regardless of your child’s interests, they’re bound to learn and have fun at the following venues..

These local businesses are just some that provide activities for both adults and kids in Annerley.

Other Brisbane City Council parks for kids playgrounds and picnics include:

Source: Brisbane City Council

Park Name Location Facilities
Arnwood Street Park 21 Arnwood Place Bikeway and restoration site
Ekibin Park South
(Jessica Andrews Place)
24 Arnwood Place Playground – fully fenced (Jessica Andrews Place), rehabilitation site (Greenslopes Demonstration Catchment Project), soccer field. Also includes Scout clubhouse
Clifton Hill Peace Park 15 Tennessee Avenue Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, netball hoop (standalone hoop on grass), picnic table, playground.
Hefferan Park 260 Annerley Road Playground – fully fenced and picnic table, water (bubbler)
Clifton Hill Peace Park 15 Tennessee Avenue Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, netball hoop (standalone hoop on grass), picnic table, playground.
Lagonda Street Park 40 Lagonda Street Picnic area/shelter with wood barbecue and shelter, playground and habitat restoration site
Mackenzie Place Park
(road reserve)
59 Aubigney Street Playground
Vallely Street Park 51 Vallely Street Picnic area/shelter
What Are the Dog-Friendly Parks
and Cafes in Annerley?

If you have a furry friend, there are several cafes where you can enjoy good meals in good company.

Pet-friendly cafes in Annerley include:

When you want to exercise your pet (and yourself) , why not visit the following dog-friendly parks and off-leash areas around Annerley?

List from Brisbane City Council website:

Source: Brisbane City Council

Name Location Facilities
Ekibin Park East,
Ekibin Park East, 133 Juliette
Street, Greenslopes
Dog off-leash area, Playground, Water
Fairfield Park, Fairfield Fairfield Park, 94 Fairfield
Road, Fairfield
Barbecue – electric, Dog off-leash area, Picnic
area, Playground, Toilet, Water
Hyde Road Park, Yeronga Hyde Road Park, 331 Fairfield
Road, Yeronga
Bikeway, Car park, Dog off-leash area, Pathway,
Picnic area, Playground, Water
Shaftesbury Street Park,
Shaftesbury Street Park, 59
Shaftesbury Street, Tarragindi
Barbecue – electric, Basketball/netball facility, Dog off-leash area, Dog off-leash area – small dogs, Outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, Picnic area, Playground, Toilet – fully accessible
Yeronga Memorial Park,
Yeronga Memorial Park,
78 Park Road, Yeronga
Barbecue – electric, Barbecue – wood, Basketball/netball facility, Car park, Cultural heritage site, Dog off-leash area, Outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, Picnic area, Playground, Rebound wall, Shared pathway, Shelter, Sporting field, Toilet, Water
Where Are the Best Shops in Annerley?

Annerley is home to an array of shopping centres and boutique retail stores that cater to diverse needs and interests. From groceries to antiques and home brew, all your needs are catered for.
Annerley is well-known for its destination shopping strip along Ipswich Road with its many small businesses, second-hand stores, antiques centre and cafes.

Main Shopping areas include:
  • Annerley Junction on Ipswich Road at Annerley
  • Buranda Village on Ipswich Road opposite the PA Hospital
  • Chardon’s Corner near Cracknell Road

What Are the Demographics in Annerley?

Annerley has a population of slightly under 12,000 according to the 2016 census report. 50.3% of Annerley’s population is female, while 49.7% is male. The most populous age group is that of persons aged between 25 and 29, who make up 14% of the population.


The median weekly individual income is $758. This is higher than the national figure which stands at $662. The median weekly household income is $1585. The median family income is $2094. Similarly, these figures are higher than the national median.


Many people in Annerley have attained a degree or higher qualification. They account for the highest segment (39.5%) of the population.


Annerley’s population is diverse as shown in the table below.

Ancestry Population Percentage
Australian 2,967 18.7
Chinese 659 4.1
English 3,652 23.0
Scottish 1,156 7.3

Table 2: Annerley’s Cultural & Language Diversity (Data from the 2016 Census)

Does It Flood in Annerley?

Like many other parts of Queensland, flooding is an unavoidable reality in Annerley. In particular, Brisbane is on a flood plain. While flooding is possible in Annerley, it is less susceptible compared to other parts of Brisbane.

Both the Government of Queensland and the Brisbane City Council provide valuable resources on flooding.

For instance, Brisbane’s City Council has developed an interactive flood map. It enables you to view the risk of flooding in your area, down to street level. You can view the history of flooding in your area. Moreover, the map enables you to see potential flood risk by different causes.

The snapshot below captures the risk of flooding in Annerley.

What are the Schools Near Annerley?
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