What to Expect from Body Corporate or Strata Title Management Services from Moorooka’s Matthews Real

For nearly four decades, Matthews Real Estate has been establishing and managing body corporate administration. If you are a property developer and are looking for a local company that can provide body corporate management services in Moorooka, you can count on us. We can set up a body corporate from scratch, work with lot and unit owners to set up committees and offer ongoing advice to help with the administration of the legal entity.

Working with Matthews Real Estate: What You Should Know

If you are interested in working with Matthews Real Estate as your strata title managers in Moorooka, you should know that we always carry out our duties in accordance with Queensland’s Body Corporate and Community Management Act, or the BCCM. You can read the full BCCM by clicking here, but it essentially lays out regulations to help ‘provide for flexible and contemporary communally based arrangements for the use of freehold land.’

Mostly, if you decide to engage our strata title management services in Moorooka, you can expect us to approach the job in an official, compliant fashion. Most importantly, understand that, as body corporate managers, we are not the leaders or decision makers of your body corporate. On the contrary, those responsibilities and rights still rest firmly in the hands of the lot and unit owners. Instead, our role is primarily to provide advice and guidance to the members of your body corporate, and to assist with the administrative side of things.

Said another way, our body corporate managers in Moorooka have no legal grounds to make any decisions or take any actions without agreement and instructions from the committee members of the body corporate. This committee—including a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer and several other officers—is elected by the lot and unit owners of the strata property. While our body corporate managers can act as administrators, they cannot do so without the consent of the committee.

This formal approach to strata title management in Moorooka allows us to provide helpful advice and assistance to the members of your body corporate without infringing upon their rights as property owners. Ensuring this kind of compliance with the BCCM Act is a must when setting up a body corporate for a new property development, as it will directly impact the ultimate experience of your buyers.

Learn More about Our Body Corporate Services in Moorooka

If you are developing a property where lot and unit owners will share common property—such as hallways, stairwells, carparks, driveways, sidewalks or the like—then thinking about body corporate management is essential. A well-structured body corporate will protect the rights of property owners while ensuring proper property maintenance, tax compliance and more.

As body corporate managers in Moorooka, Matthews Real Estate can consult on all matters of strata title management. To learn more about the services we provide and how they can benefit your company, give us a call on 07 3848 0655.

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