What Services do Rental Property Managers in Yeronga Provide?

It's not what you expected. Transforming a property into a long-term rental was meant to be a simple task. You had the right space, the right lot, and the right location. The pieces should've fit neatly together.

What you've discovered, however, is that the management process is long and tedious. There are tenants to screen and landscapes to maintain, repairs to make and rents to collect. Your time is split between endless little errands. Matthews Real Estate understands your frustration, which is why we offer rental property managers for Yeronga and beyond. These REIQ accredited staffers provide exceptional service and speedy results.

Tenant Management

Our managers will pair you with only the best tenants, carefully screening each candidate's background, credit history, and more.

Rent Rates

Our managers will help you set a competitive rental rate, ensuring that the price is within market and cost-effective.


All repairs (both interior and exterior) will be handled by our rental property managers in Yeronga. They'll assess the damage and then recommend skilled tradespeople to perform the necessary tasks. Payment for this process will be automatically inventoried in the following month's statement.


Should the need arise, Matthews Real Estate will handle any tenant evictions or exits.

Through these and other services our rental property managers in Yeronga will help you better understand (and control) the market. We'll address every issue with professionalism and care. To learn more about our property management options contact us today.

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