Searching for the Ideal Tenants? Trust our Rental Property Managers in South Brisbane During the Sel

An unfortunate truth shapes the Australian housing market: tenant evictions are on the rise and so is rental debt. According to the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), thousands of tenants are fleeing their properties - whether voluntarily or by judicial force. Since 2012, the year-over-year eviction rate has grown more than 50% and this has triggered national concern for landlords (Queensland alone has experienced more than $2 million in lost income).

Matthews Real Estate seeks to counter this issue - by offering our clients the experienced support of rental property managers in South Brisbane. Our team doesn't merely oversee the day-to-day operations of homes. Instead, they deliver vital insights into the selection process, connecting landlords to viable tenants. They both seek and screen candidates to ensure qualifications.

This is crucial for Queensland, with rental property managers in South Brisbane helping to reduce the chance of lost income due to eviction. This ensures that each home remains a substantial investment - rather than experiencing monthly vacancies or sudden departures. We strive to connect our clients to reliable (and financially stable) tenants.

Wary of the housing market? Let our rental property managers in South Brisbane guide you through the selection process. To learn more about our tenant screening services contact us today:





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