Property Management

What is Property Management?

A property manager is a third party who is hired to handle the daily operations of a real estate investment property. 

As your Property Manager, what do we do?

As Property Managers, we partner with you, the owner, to maximize your return on investment.

We always act in your best interest to maintain the property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect rents, budget for improvements and maintain records. 

Property managers are responsible for setting the initial rent level, collecting rent from tenants and adjusting the rent.

One of the main responsibilities of the property manager is to manage tenants. We are involved in finding & screening tenants, handling leases and bond arrangements, handling complaints and emergencies, and dealing with exits and evictions if necessary.

Property managers are responsible for the physical management of the property, including regular maintenance and emergency repairs.

As Property Managers we keep thorough records regarding the property. This includes all income and expenses; list of all inspections, signed leases, maintenance requests, any complaints, records of repairs, costs of repairs, maintenance costs, record of rent collection and insurance costs.

For further information about engaging Matthews Real Estate as your Property Manager please email Rental Reception for a complete service booklet.

“ Your relentless work ethic and commitment to quality customer service has no doubt lead to your success. It has been a pleasure to work with you…”R & C Tassin.

Why choose MRE for Property Management?

Property Management is a very important part of our business, and has been a specialised sector of Matthews Real Estate for many years. We confidently assure you that the quality of our service is of an exceptionally high standard.

  • Routine inspections are conducted approximately every five (5) months, written reports will follow. There is no charge for routine inspections.
  • Property maintenance can be arranged by us. We utilise only the most trust worthy and reliable tradespeople, however if you prefer, we will use your preferred tradespeople. Payment for any maintenance invoiced to our office will generally be deducted from rental monies at the end of month settlement.
  • Monthly accounting to owners is carried out on the last business day of the month. Payments are made electronically into your nominated bank account or building society. A monthly statement is posted at the end of each month, along with any correspondence such as reports, leases, copies of paid invoices, etc.
  • Brisbane City Council Rates, Queensland Urban Utilities & insurance payments can also be paid on your behalf, at no extra charge to you.
  • Where applicable, water bills will be forwarded to tenants for payment.
  • Any Insurance claims can be handled by us.

We offer a complete property management service to relieve you of the stress involved with owning an investment property. We are highly experienced so that you may have the utmost confidence in our ability to manage your property.

We look forward to assisting you in making the best of your investment.

For a copy of our Property Management Information booklet including services and costs, please email the Rental Reception on or call 07 3848 0655 during business hours.

“ It’s easy to see why your business has been so successful for so long – hard work, integrity and good family…It has always been a pleasure doing business with you.”R. Percival, Fairfield.

Property Management Team

Michelle Matthews Clair
Business Development Manager 
Property Management Team Leader
Certified Practising Valuer
P 07 3848 0655
M 0411 478 141

Annette Parsons

Property Manager

PM1 Team


P 07 3848 0655

Tekura Philip
PM1 Team assistant

P 07 3848 0655

Vicki Mace
Property Manager
PM2 Team
P 07 3848 0655

Karen Stokes

PM2 Team Assistant


P 07 3848 0655

Jessica Doyle

Property Manager

PM3 Team


P 07 3848 0655

Shauni Burrows

PM3 Team Assistant


P 07 3848 0655

Rhonda Dennerley

Office Manager / Commercial Leasing Manager


P 07 3848 0655

Stef Gangemi



P 07 3848 0655 

678 Ipswich Rd Annerley

Contact Property Management

If you're not sure who looks after your investment, please email Jessica in reception, and she will forward your enquiry to your specific property management team (PM1, PM2 or PM3).

Office phone number: 07 3848 0655

If you would like Matthews Real Estate to manage your investment property, please email Michelle (Matthews) Clair for an initial appointment to discuss your needs and appraise your property for rent.

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