Matthews Real Estate are Brisbane property experts.

We are proudly independent, family owned, and have been operating for over 80 years from Chardon's Corner in Annerley.

Principal Trevor Matthews is a REIQ Life Member and has personal property experience spanning more than 50 years.

We strive to provide the best possible service to clients and customers, and guide you through the sales process toward the ideal outcome for all involved.

Advice for Buyers

As you begin your property search make sure you supplement your Saturday morning inspections with good solid research. There’s a wealth of information available online to help you determine the price you should pay for the property you want. Make sure to look up comparable sales and suburb information along with buying advice and financial advice. Talk to our sales agents and get a feel for the market in general.

If you have found a property and you want to make an offer, make sure you have considered and arranged the following:

  • Visit your bank and be sure of the amount you can spend – get your finance pre-approved.
  • Have your initial and balance deposits ready – up to 10% of the purchase price.
  • Have a solicitor in mind to do the conveyancing.
  • Think about the timing. How long will you need for finance and when would you like to take possession of the property?

Finance & Valuation
Your bank may request a valuation by a registered property valuer. Property valuation can be an essential part of the home loan application process. Valuations are used to determine the security value of a property being offered to secure a Home Loan. The Valuation Inspection will be arranged by your bank, and they will contact the agent to arrange an inspection within 14 days of the dated contract.

Contract Cooling Off Period
The cooling off period starts when the property is Under Contract and ends after 5 business days, During this time the buyer can terminate the purchase for any reason, but will need to pay a termination penalty equal to 0.25% of the purchase price.

Initial Deposit
Talk to your sales agent about the initial deposit amount. It is payable within 24 hours when the Buyer & Seller have and agreed to the terms and conditions and signed the contract,

Balance of Deposit
The balance of your deposit can be part of your finance amount and so is payable when the finance clause is due. From this point on, the contract is considered unconditional. It is normal for the total of deposits to make up 10% of the purchase price, however this can be negotiated with your agent.

Building & Pest Inspection
It’s up to you as the purchaser to arrange a Building & Pest Inspection. We recommend that you attend the inspection if you can, as it’s always good to have their findings explained as well as in writing. The standard time frame to add to the contract for completing this is 7 days after both parties (buyer & seller) have agreed and signed a written contract.

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