Stay Compliant with Body Corporate Legislation, with the Help of Matthews Real Estate and Our Strata

At Matthews Real Estate, when clients ask us about the pros and cons of self-managing their body corporates versus hiring professional strata title managers, we always stress the complexity of the process. While self-managing a body corporate is possible, it is also quite complicated—to the point where many property owners may feel overwhelmed and out of their depth without professional assistance. As body corporate managers in Brisbane Southside with almost 40 years of industry experience to our name, we can provide the advice and leadership necessary to make you feel more comfortable and at ease.

The Compliance Side of Body Corporate Management

However, simply making our clients feel less overwhelmed is not the only reason to engage our strata title management services in Brisbane Southside. On the contrary, Matthews Real Estate can also help your body corporate avoid accidentally overstepping any legislative boundaries.

As you might imagine, the management of a body corporate is bound on all sides by issues of legal compliance. A body corporate is itself a legal entity, devised to ensure that owners of strata properties appropriately share ownership and responsibility for shared spaces. In apartment buildings or subdivisions where there is no landlord or property management company to maintain common areas, a body corporate needs to make sure each lot or unit owner is doing their part. A body corporate also protects the interests of each title holder.

To meet legislative compliance and correctly serve its function, a body corporate must follow several regulations. For instance, the entity must maintain its records and present them to ‘interested parties,’ upon request. It must follow legislative requirements when running meetings, nominating and electing committee members, ordering votes and more. Tax requirements are also a responsibility that falls in the lap of the body corporate and its committee.

Avoid Compliance Issues: Hire Strata Title Managers in Brisbane Southside

Hiring someone to provide professional body corporate management services for your Brisbane Southside strata property can help you avoid many the potential legislative pitfalls. A body corporate manager is not only familiar with regulations that must be complied with, but also has a strict code of conduct to follow in addition to those standard compliance factors. Hiring a body corporate manager with extensive experience and an excellent reputation, then, can ensure that your body corporate remains above board in all matters—from committee nominations to taxation and beyond.

At Matthews Real Estate, we have the experience and reputation to help you build a compliant body corporate. We have been working in strata title management in Brisbane Southside for the better part of 40 years, are a member organisation of the Strata Community Australia and have worked with body corporates of all sizes. We can help you establish and run a body corporate that protects the interests of every member without making costly or illegal mistakes.

Are you interested in learning more about our body corporate management services in Brisbane Southside? Schedule a consultation with our team by calling 07 3848 0655.

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